Projects and Grants

Official Fellowships, Internships, and Grants Program for 2020/2021.

Proposal Submissions opened from September 1, 2020, till March 1, 2021.


New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies announces a call for research, arts, and performance project proposals for 2020/2021, focusing on the main interest area of Displacement, Identities, and Social Change.


The Institute offers prestigious Fellowship, Internship, and Grants programs in the fields of the humanities and social studies, intending to expand the knowledge and experiences of affiliated or unaffiliated researchers, artists, and all enthusiasts.


Deploying current research and performance capacities, and linking them with a unique framework that we are forming in our quest to approach science and arts in a novel way, we want to reach wider communities and individuals and enrich our societies.


Our Institute supports both Team Research Programs and Single Research Programs within one of the following inclusive fields of interest, as defined in our Statute and Bylaws, but not limited to major spheres of our work in:

Classic Humanities

Spatial Humanities

Arts and Performance

Digital Humanities

Critical Humanities

Public Humanities and Social Studies

For more information on the research/performance field and agenda, please consult our Departments section on the official website


Since the Institute aims to investigate, preserve, and protect innate human search for meaning in challenging times such as current worldwide pandemic crisis, of special interest (but not limited to) are project proposals that center attention to the underrepresented individuals and communities and marginalized social groups. Having that in mind, the topic Displacement, Identities, and Social Change is recognized by the NYIHSS as an actual, significant, and inspiring one. The concept of displacement is understood as a particular form of forced or involuntary migration and environmental change, as a result of personal, economic reasons, natural disasters, pandemics, or conflicts. The focus of the research project proposals should be on the social implications and the relation between the causes and consequences of displacement, with selected cases examined in their historical, social, and cultural contexts.


To apply for grants, and fellowship with The New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies, it is required to be admitted to the regular membership first by visiting our Admission and Membership section on the official website. The second stage of this process is to submit your full resume and portfolio of work if that applies to your field and written, detailed proposal for your research or performance project. All accepted proposals and applications for a fellowship, internship, or grants will be reviewed by our Research Committee formed from two internal and one external experts from related fields and areas of your particular interest. The Advisory Board will then make a recommendation to The Board of Directors, and the Fellow status will be confirmed as approved.

Please make sure you consult our programs, mission, and vision and initiatives in detail, and submit your proposal at the Project and Grants section of our official webpage.