Philanthropy plays a vital role in the work of the Institute. It is used as a way to carry out our mission of community outreach and advocating for diversity and inclusion of underrepresented individuals or groups, women, minorities, immigrants, economically disadvantaged or otherwise unaffiliated individuals. Our beneficiaries are artists in residency, and other academic experts and enthusiasts who wish to pursue their genuine interests and work in the areas of research, education, publishing, or activism in the humanities and social sciences.


We achieve this by facilitating opportunities for these special social groups and individuals, bringing them together to form networks, share knowledge, and enrich wider communities and their cultures. We would also share our achievements with communities that are not able to have full access to quality research, arts and performances, publications, and education materials.


The opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to grants and fellowships,
  • Providing logistical assistance to researchers and artists,
  • Fiscal sponsorships,
  • Administrative support or advisory, statements of support, or other matters that are essential for your work.