The New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies is organized as five main departments, each with their respective purpose and focus. The departments have been designed to facilitate our main goals, described in our Mission and Vision, and corresponding Initiatives that we have established.


Our broad conceptual framework offers a chance to invite experts in the field to establish a connection with our Fellows, Interns, and Members.


Departments are mainly divided by the nature of their approach, fluctuating from scientific research to applied sciences, arts and artistic development, and performances. We are highly committed to offering a variety of art exhibitions, concerts and music performances, conceptual art presentations, and many other free forms of artistic representation.


Our Institute develops educational programs, ranging from organizing individual presentations or series of lectures, conferences, symposia, courses to educational workshops.


The Institute also aims to develop publishing capacity to disseminate knowledge through various publications. This could be in the forms of books, textbooks, edited volumes, conference proceedings, journals, and periodic publications, as well as other educational or scientific related materials, including artwork programs and presentations.

As one of our distinguishing qualities, the Institute wants to leverage its resources to improve growth conditions for the work of academics, scholars, experts, and humanities professionals.

Therefore, we have also initiated many projects and ideas to help individuals or teams with the material aspects of their scholarly work: establishing their residencies, providing employment-related guidance, or simply supporting their work with fiscal sponsorship. As our community grows each day, we find it rewarding to see how our members become empowered to offer their best to the diverse and relevant communities. The Institute is working hard to create platforms where our philanthropic work can make a significant change.