As the world grapples with the unprecedented scope and longevity of the current health crisis, the realities of day-to-day living coupled with an infinite hold on pre-pandemic routines are taking a compound toll on humanity worldwide.

In light of current events, the New York Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences is calling for scholars, artists, and performers worldwide to reflect upon the current state of affairs and the future of post-pandemic humanity.

The central question is what actions can be taken throughout the social strata to steer humanity into a more ethically learned and thereby tolerant group.

Each day, we are building stronger statewide, national and international cooperation with renowned institutions and independent scholars or artists. We would like to expand our network and establish partnerships with branches of the government, private companies, and international professionals and institutions that foster humanities and social studies.

By reaching out to a specific audience, we are also dedicated to reach local communities, underrepresented social groups, and help them by providing support for their excellence in the humanities, including arts and social studies. Let us grow our novel ideas, and develop programs even more.

We are on this quest together.