Institute Departments



Research Department will provide two main paradigms, following academic protocols and high standards. The research is focused on broader areas of the humanities.

Using its capacities and available resources, NYIHSS will support or conduct any of the following:


A) Team Research Programs
B) Single Investigator Research Programs




The Institute will primarily be focused on community educational programs, lectures, and performances, with the expansion of collaboration efforts between Research departments, providing professional meetings, conferences, and symposia.

Programs of the Education Department will deploy a holistic approach to education. The programs will encourage integrative access to personal educational growth, following traditional practices and systems, and offer contemporary viewpoints in all areas of interest determined by the Institute.




The Institute will give special attention to building publishing capacity to disseminate ideas and results of completed works or projects. The academic community is negatively impacted by the “publish or perish” credo, as it is a “prevailing pragmatism forced upon the academic group,” (Wilson, 1942).

To avoid or minimize this impact on academics, the Institute will promote high-quality standards, while de-emphasizing the labor-intensive and often obsolete communication practices that hinder humanities administration.


The Institute will support knowledge and experience exchange, publishing books, journals and periodicals, education materials, edited volumes, and any other forms of dissemination of information on the internet.




The Institute’s paramount goals are community outreach and advocacy for the inclusion of underrepresented individuals and groups in the humanities world. These groups include minorities, immigrants, and other individuals who do not have the economic means or professional network to engage in scholarly work, research, and activism.

Our goal is to identify these disadvantaged individuals with backgrounds in humanities and social studies fields, and then provide them with logistical support, fiscal sponsorship, and immigration advisory support.




The Department of Administration and Development will provide support for the functioning of the Institute, its programs, and designed projects. The Department of Administration and Development will be organized according to evolving needs, to include:

A) Project Management and Administration
B) Finance, Treasury, and Auditing
C) Human Resources and Services
D) Marketing and Public Relations
E) Creative Divisions