Mission and Vision


The New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies was established with a primary mission of expanding interdisciplinary knowledge through the support of initiatives in humanities and social studies. Intending to expand research and advocacy through philanthropic outreach, the Institute aims at creating a solid platform for scholars and artists to expand and promulgate their work.

The Institue’s primary goal is to invigorate global culture and academic pursuits based on the uniqueness of each individual and their engagement in society. We aim to create a space that encourages the individual growth of academics, their stakeholders, and their communities through multidisciplinary education and radical self-expression.


Our welcoming community of researchers and artists aims to listen to the needs of our stakeholders and facilitate the exchange of authenticity.


The mission we are creating discovers ways to move forward in the development of our disciplines, with our unique perspective of the past, observation of the present, and focus on the future. Seeing tradition as everyone’s special starting point and understanding each other’s roots, we can move toward the harmonious coexistence of respectful differences through mutual dialogue and encouragement.


Despite its broad mission, the Institute facilitates initiatives especially targeted at artists and scientists whose work is otherwise hindered by economic pressures,  recent immigration, or displacement.


Thus, the Institute provides support for projects that encompass underrepresented subject matters by organizing lectures and presentations set in a socially interactive, idea-sharing format to foster sustainability in the arts and humanities.


While deploying aspects of liberal arts fused with scholarly and educational practices, NYIHSS encourages bold presentations and research that surpass preexisting academic and institutional boundaries, with the target of engaging audiences from all walks of life in stimulating and productive discussion.


We envision the world as a harmonious kaleidoscope of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  At the heart of this vision, we believe that encouraging creative and scholarly input from individuals representing marginalized social, cultural, and economic groups will expand the horizons of humanity through understanding and appreciation.


Our vision is to preserve cultural complexity through the respect of the identities of each member of society.


The Institute sees arts and research as a profoundly personal experience and is dedicated to foster original forms of expression, encouraging individuals and communities to uncompromisingly share their original discoveries. Arts and sciences, being capable of instant boundary-breaking, both outer and inner, is a perfect tool for a profound transformation.


The Institute encourages minority scholars, artists, and performers to share their findings, cultural trends, or individual efforts in a freely expressed format devoid of consumer-driven trends.  Regardless of any difference, your race or ethnic background, your age or gender, your social status, or the lack of, our Institute will welcome you on our journey to make your voice heard.