Nikola Jelic, M.S.

IT Development

Mr. Nikola Jelic is a professional in Informational Technologies, certified JAMF Administrator for system and lifecycle management, SAML, OAuth, OpenID, and implementation of Identity and Access Management (IAM), with over seven years of experience in the industry.


His main areas are focused on system administration, servers and network management, identity providing, planning, and maintaining accurate documentation, including resource time tracking, and identity access design documentation.


Mr. Jelic also has extensive experience in supervision and support in IT business strategy, design improvements for MFA (i.e. DUO and Okta) for numerous companies and individuals in the United States, and Europe. Mr. Jelic also has been serving as a leader in his field, establishing and leading teams of over thirty individuals, working on development and implementation of SSO migration and integration, with high-end product delivery and great financial outcome and performances.


Mr. Jelic joined New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies, where he is developing informational technology strategies, security systems, and official website development. With his knowledge and top-notch experience, Mr. Jelic is supporting the cause and mission of the Institute’s programs, also providing excellence for informational technologies, and his research implementation in humanities as a specific field of his expertise.

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