Vladimir Grabulov, M.A.

Advisor for Financial Planning and Audit

Mr. Vladimir Grabulov is a financial expert with more than ten years of professional experience in audit and financial advisory services within Big 4 (PwC and KPMG).


For an extensive period, Mr. Grabuov established himself as a professional in this field, and he currently holds the position of the Manager in Financial Advisory Services within KPMG Belgrade, with frequent cross-border assignments for multinational clients in various industries.


Mr. Grabulov graduated Business Management on Faculty of Business and Industrial Management within Union University in Belgrade. Completing extensive training and acquiring experience in this field, Mr. Grabulov was conferred with a certification for the Fraud Examiner, thus becoming a member of the Serbian Association of Appraisers.


With his finance and accounting background, upon the start of his career as an external financial auditor, he continued his career in financial advisory. Mr. Grabulov is currently the leader for Forensic services, internal and regulatory compliance within KPMG Belgrade, as forensic accounting, and internal audit as his main fields of expertise. His secondary specialization is within corporate finance and deal advisory.


Mr. Grabulov is responsible for project management, from negotiations about the scope of work, project planning, and review of deliverables, to a leading team of colleagues who report to him and is responsible for report preparation and presentation of deliverables. He is actively involved in negotiations and follow-up actions upon completion of the engagement between the client and the client’s stakeholders. Mr. Grabulov is advising the New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies as an Advisor in areas of Financial Planning and Audit.

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