Prof. Tihomir Milicevic

Apodemics, Spatial Humanities and Phytopatology

Dr. Tihomir Milicevic is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Zagreb, Croatia, and of The University in Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Prof. Milicevic is conducting research at the Department for Phytopathology, where he serves as a Coordinator in numerous courses in the fields of phytomedicine, phytopharmacy, phytopathology, and mycology. As a Visiting Professor, Dr. Milicevic has been actively serving a number of relevant Eastern European universities in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia), Skopje (North Macedonia), among others. His unique research profile and field of interest covers areas of phytopathology, mycology and botany, specializing in diagnostics, biodiversity, and chorology of phytopathogenic species, such as fungi, and their interactions with plants.


Prof. Milicevic was honored to specialize and scientifically develop his research expertise at the Faculty of Agriculture in Bari (Italy), at the Institute for the Plant Pathology in Rome (Italy), Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade (Serbia), among many other notable institutions.


Aside from the biologically related research, Prof. Milicevic has been investigating historical developments of the related disciplines in this area, specifically biographic studies of the scientists that were renowned scholars in fields of phytopathology and mycology in Croatia and the Balkans. Prof. Milicevic holds a special interest in research of ethnological aspects of certain plant species, fungi, and plant diseases, therefore in related disciplines of ethnobotany, ethnomycology, and etnophytopathology.


The scope of Prof. Milicevic research interest grows to the investigation of the itinerary and related apodemic literature, specializing in manuscripts related to the areas of the Balkans and Levant. In this perspective, Prof. Milicevic realized significant insights in narratives and history of the Holy Land, the territories of Israel and Palestine today. During his sabbatical research, Prof. Milicevic has been able to experience working in several significant institutions, such as the Custody of Holy Land, General Library of the Custody of the Holy Land, Terra Sancta Museum, and others. During these expeditions, Prof. Milicevic has collected documents and literature for research in this specific field of the humanities, including rare editions of the Franciscan Printing Press of Jerusalem and Edizioni Terra Santa. These itinerary manuscripts and documents (Itinera ad Loca Sancta) and research of the history of this particular region gave a unique profile to his research capacity, holding over thousand of rare editions and documents. The largest number in this collection represents itineraries from the Middle Ages, especially from the periods of the Crusaders and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (Itinera Hierosolymitana Crucesignatorum).


In over a decade, Prof. Milicevic has been supervising over forty graduate thesis, and four doctoral dissertations, publishing over sixty scientific and related scholarly papers. Prof. Milicevic was the Primary Investigator for five different research programs and collaborated in numerous scientific and professional projects. His most recent activities are focused on reaching a wide audience with applied scientific lectures, especially in fields of ethnobotany and apodemics, such as Hierobotanica or Botanica Sacra, and lectures on itineraries, such as Itinera ad Terram Sanctam.

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