Suzana Culum, M.A.

Liaison Officer for Creative Industry

Mrs. Culum was born and raised in one of the most picturesque areas of Serbia. Mrs. Culum holds a graduate degree from the University of Novi Sad, majoring in Fashion Design. While she was a prospect artist in Serbia, Mrs. Culum had her work published in renowned Refoto Magazine, and she was able to present her work at the Sund Festival. In 2013, her passion and creative energy for fashion brought her to New York City, only to help her discover another aspect of expression in Art and Fashion Photography.


Working as a well-endowed photographer in New York City, being constantly provoked by creative stimuli and the energy that this city carries, architecture and unique social environment, have strongly influenced and inspired her work, helping her transform what started as a hobby, into a successful career. Mrs. Suzana Culum now resides in Queens, New York City, working on her newest and most extensive collection of landscape and portrait photography. At the New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies, Mrs. Culum oversees creative aspects of our productions.

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