Saska Popovic M.S. HRM, PHR

Director of Human Resources

Mrs. Popovic serves as a Human Resources Director, with over twelve years of experience in a variety of HR function areas. In the past seven years, Mrs. Saska has specialized in Employee and Labor Relations, with a strong focus on Labor, serving as a Lead Negotiator, contract interpreter in labor disputes, and a Representative in Arbitration cases. Before joining the New York Institute for the Humanities and Social studies as a Human Resources Director, Mrs. Saska has worked in various organizations, where she managed many aspects of people capital, including her correct employment with one of the leading companies in customer care satisfaction, as a Manager, Labor Relations.


Mrs. Popovic completed her M.S in Human Resource Management in 2012 and obtained a PHR Certificate in 2013. She has also completed several certificates from Cornell University, ILR School including Effectiveness in Arbitration, Negotiating with difficult people, and Advance strategies in Negotiations. Before developing her career in HR, Mrs. Saska completed her master’s degree in art history at the University of Belgrade.


Currently, Mrs. Saska supports the New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies by overseeing the HR department and providing consultation on planning, designing, developing, and evaluating human resources-related initiatives that support the Institute’s strategic goals. As an HR Director, she ensures compliance with federal, state, and local laws and industry regulations, advising the Institute on legal implications of HR issues.

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