Prof. Gisa Jähnichen

Ethnomusicology and Sound Archiving

Dr. Gisa Jähnichen is a Professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and a Chair of the International Council for Traditional Music, Study Group on Musical Instruments, Secretary of the IASA T&E Committee, Ambassador of IASA to Malaysia and China, and also teaches at Guangxi University of the Arts, Vienna University, Humboldt University Berlin, and a Consultant at the National Library of Laos. She studied at Charles University, Prague, Humboldt-University, Berlin, and Vienna University. Her many writings have been widely published and are accessible online and in libraries around the world, focusing in ecomusicology, performance practices of the Southeast Asia, methodology of area studies and interdisciplinary studies, archiving and knowledge management, including audio-visual documentation, language and cultural studies.

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