Daniel Pascu, M.A.


Mr. Daniel Pascu is a financial expert, with extensive experience in financial regulations, fiscal policies and team management, day-to-day financial operations, and compliance. Working for world-recognized companies such as Tremina Trade and Goldemburg Group Cyprus as a Broker in the international stock market, Mr. Pascu is regularly overseeing financial personnel, controls finance agenda, and changes on the market.


Mr. Pascu is tracking the effect of work, examination of the particular effect of every member of the team, and delivers high-efficient financial planning, filing reports of their performance as well as solving daily issues that could reduce the sale of shares. Mr. Pascu is engaged with individual members of the team to increase efficiency and solve potential issues they may encounter.


With his rich expert profile, Mr. Pascu has been established in areas of sale of foreign company shares and exchanges with European market clients. Mr. Pascu is efficiently monitoring current conditions on the International Stock Exchange, and track current sales action. better performance.


Tracking the investments and monitoring financial trends, Mr. Pascu serves as a valuable counsel and advisor for the New York Institute for the Humanities and Social Studies, where he is advising Treasury capacities and functioning, coordinate tasks within the team depending on the change in the market.

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