Dr. Bernard Harbas

Philosophy, Sociology, and Postmodern Theory

Dr. Bernard Harbas is a philosopher and sociologist with an interest in postmodern political theory, the problem of enemy and identity, and the theory of consumption in socialist and post-socialist societies. Dr. Harbas was honored with a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Dr. Harbas has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Guest Lecturer at the University of Graz, Austria, International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Dr. Harbas was teaching courses in Economic Sociology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Business Ethics, Sociology of Culture, and Introduction to Sociology.


Dr. Harbas is an author of a book Zajednica bez zajedništva (Community without communion) (Naklada Breza, Zagreb, 2013), and more than thirty research and review papers and articles in the area of sociology and philosophy. Currently, Dr. Harbas is researching political (totalitarian/democratic) implications of theatre whose results will be examined in a monograph publication.


Dr. Harbas’ theoretical interests also cover problems of the body in contemporary philosophy, secularization, and modernization of Western societies, consumption and the political, sacrifice, and health in contemporary society.


Dr. Harbas is honored to be a member of the editorial boards of the numerous significant journals, such as International Dialogue, University of Nebraska, USA; Dijalog, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Eidos, Eidos, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Also, Dr. Harbas is an active member of the Committee for Humanities (Philosophy) of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, Dr. Harbas is employed at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Zenica.

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